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John and Marla

John and Marla have always wanted to have a restaurant to share their favorite recipes, create an environment with great service and welcome guests one time and part as family. They came together in a whirl-wind romance in Chicago with strong backgrounds in the hospitality industry. Ever since, they have enjoyed passionately working together to fulfill their dream of owning and operating properties that produce amazing food and dedicated service, while establishing relationships that will last for years with their patrons.

As a young child in his parents' restaurant in Wisconsin, John has been deep-rooted in the food & beverage industry, and has evolved into a culinary expert on heartwarming and amazing meals. While some of his recipes are family heirlooms, many others have been created, honed, and perfected over the past 25 years. While building on vast years of culinary knowledge, John is passionate about creating the entire satisfying experience for the guest as well as a full flavored appetizing meal.

Marla has been in the hospitality industry from a young age as well. As a graduate of Penn State (sorry, Ohio State Fans!), she discovered her passion for working with people and continuing to grow within the industry.   With a 20 year background of planning banquets, weddings, and conventions, Marla has grown to be a genuine, meticulous planner, ensuring the success of  events from 20 people to 2000.  Her artistic passion has allowed for the Crow's Nest to showcase it's decorative aspects throughout the years during holidays and events.  

Upon visiting the Crow's Nest for the first time, one finds that with the combined efforts of John and Marla, you become part of their every growing family that enhances their lives and the continued success of their restaurants.